The summers are at it’s peak but hey there all the men out there, this post is for all of you. Try these summer hacks to keep your look fresh and sweat free and look charming as always.

Tip 1

Switch your Shaving cream with your hair conditioner!

Use your hair conditioner not for your hair, but instead use it in place of you Shaving cream. It not only moisturizes your skin but also nourishes it and prevents it from the cuts, since shaving cream dries out your skin.

Tip 2

Use Dryer sheets in your Gym bag to prevent it from smelling bad!

Dryer sheets helps to prevent the stinking smell that comes from the gym bag. They come in different fragrances and does wonders. So if you haven’t started using it yet, then go and get them.

Tip 3

Exfoliate your lip with a Toothbrush!

Often the lips dry and the skin starts chapping off. To prevent the same, use a toothbrush over the lips area and exfoliate it. The lips would be softer than ever.

Tip 4

Use a cool down Tea-Bag for Sun Burn over the face!

If you get a sunburn, especially over the face, use a cool down Tea-Bag to the areas effected with Sun burn. Tea bag contains the Tannic acid that cool down the burns.

Tip 5

Use Coconut activated charcoal to whiten your teeth!

Dip your toothbrush in water and then put it in Charcoal powder and brush your teeth. Use it thrice a week for effective results.

Tip 6

Wipe your face with a rubbing alcohol!

In order to prevent the acne breakouts or pimples, rub alcohol over the face. Pour it a little onto the tissue and wipe up your face with it. Make sure you apply an oil free moisturizer to keep the skin soft and glowing.