4-No Sew T-shirt DIY Ideas Anyone Can Try!


DIYs are not a cup of everyone’s tea. But all of us have some favorite tees that we don’t feel like giving away or some tees that we bought thinking we love only to realise months that we don’t really like them. We’ve compiled DIYs that don’t require a needle or thread. The most you’ll need for these DIYs is a pair of scissors, measuring tape, chalk and some glue. So whether you’re looking for some fun DIY ideas or simply looking for easy DIYs that you can at least attempt, you’re in the right place. Hold on to your favorite tees or old tees a little longer with these no-sew DIY hacks.

No sew bow sleeves

We all have that pair of comfy t-shirt that we love. But most of the times, comfy tees look boring too. Add some detail to your t-shirt with this cute no sew bow sleeves DIY from CreatingLaura. If you’re a girl who is conscious of wearing sleeveless outfits, this DIY is a great idea to show some skin without feeling uncomfortable.

No Sew Halter Neck Tee-Shirt

For this no-sew DIY you’ll need an oversized t-shirt(one from men’s section will work too). It’s a great way to give some structure to an oversized t-shirt. A pair of scissors and chalk are all you need to create this DIY from WobiSobi. Practise on some old tees and you could then buy cheaper t-shirts from men’s section and create perfect one.

Cut out DIY

A pair of fitted basic black or any other color t-shirt will work for this DIY. For this Gucci inspired look created by Love Maegan, you’ll need a chalk and a pair of scissors. If you don’t like the plain edges, consider buying some lace and stick it using a fabric glue to enhance the look of the DIY further.

No sew shoulder cut out top

Here’s another DIY from Wobisobi to upscale your basic t-shirt into a trendy one. Just mark the shape with chalk, cut and make bows with excess fabric and you’re done!