Stars of Bollywood have lost their sleep because of FIFA 2018 World Cup!!!

FIFA World Cup 2018 is working its magic on everyone. The fans are awake all night to see the match, but the ‘A-listers’ of Bollywood are no less than us when it comes to watching FIFA. In a thrilling match last night Tony Kroos scored a last-minute goal as Germany revived their journey with a 2-1 win over Sweden in a Group F match of the FIFA World Cup. The match was so thrilling and exciting that it had kept celebs like Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan among others hooked to the screen.

Germany had displayed their true color in this match, they showed their spirit of fighting back and winning against all odds. The last-minute gasp scorer which made the defending champions defeat Sweden made quite a buzz on the social media. The celebs of B-town took to Twitter to share their views of the match which is not an uncommon practice.

Our super active celeb Amitabh Bachchan tweeted, “T 2846 – What a game WC 2018 .. GER vs SWE .. knocked into submission, punched out of breath .. and then that last PUNCH to victory by the Germans .. insanity !” He also wrote, “MEANWHILE .. do also recognize India beat PAK in the Intl Kabaddi by 16 pts and the Hockey by 4 goals !!

The ‘Zero’ actor, Shahrukh Khan tweeted “My favorite teams are testing my blood pressure. Double phew Germany!!!”

Ranveer Singh’s first tweet read, “Ooo! #DieMannschaft is in trouble!!! They look like they’ve got goals in them, but so does Sweden!! Anything can happen! Gripping watch! #GERSWE.

Ranveer was surely active as he did a number of tweets during the match and as Germany won Ranveer tweeted,“Oh my God! 🔥🔥🔥You could almost sense it !!!!!!! @ToniKroos what a champion !!!!!! What a way to win it !!! SPECTACULAR!!!! #GERSWE.” He also posted, “Was uncharacteristic of him to give the ball away like that in midfield for the goal- he made a massive comeback in the match ,making good passes / plays – & when it mattered most – he stepped up and delivered like a true world class BOSS player that he is !!! @ToniKroos #GERSWE.”

It is safe to say that FIFA World Cup 2018 has made us stick to our television screens and it does not matter whether a celebrity or a fan, everybody is watching the same sport cheering for the same team. Isn’t it the purpose of Sports, to unite humanity?