5 sweet dishes to try this Ramadan!

Ramadan is just nearer and we can’t wait to try these yummylicious sweets.

It’s festivities time in India. With barely a few days left in Ramadan, Eid celebrations are all glazed up. From biryanis to mouth-watering chicken curries, Ramadan is all something to be wished for. Talking about the sweet dishes, there are in abundance to try our hands upon. Let’s have a look at few:

Halawet el Jibn

This mouthwatering sweet dish is a traditional  Arabic dessert, made of rose water, cheese, sugar, water, semolina and garnished with pistachio.

Ma’amour Mad

A survival sweet, this Arab dessert is usually made of pistachio, dates, mahleb and orange blossom water. Quite often referred to as a cookie, can also replace the dates with walnuts. A worth it piece of delicacy.


Also known as Aleppo cookies, Karabji is the Arabic desserts with a never ending want for it. It is made of semolina flour, orange blossom water, sugar, and flour whereas the filling of Karabji consists of pistachio, sugar, and water.

Semolina Cake

This traditional middle-eastern sweet dish , is also called as basbousa . The batter is prepared by adding sweetened lime juice to enhance the sweetness in the taste.