10 Minutes Home Workouts to Stay Energised Throughout the Day !


Home workouts are a great way to include exercise in your daily routine. If lack of time, unavailability of equipment or expensive gym membership are your excuses for skipping workout – they are no longer valid. Working out should not be boring – so we’ve compiled a list of different home workouts that can be done in 10 minutes.

So choose your workout and get started!

Yoga Workout – Give a gentle start to your morning with this 10 minute yoga workout by Yoga Instructor Cole Chance. This stretch and strengthen sequence with easy yoga poses will wake up your body and keep you energised throughout the day.

Total Body Pilates Workout – You don’t need to spend time and money to learn pilates. This 10 minute total body pilates workout from Blogilates can tone your arms, abs, butt, obliques and legs. Some exercises included in this quick workout are leg lifts, tri-plank, roll-ups, leg stretches, shoulder taps, tri-plank and crunches.

Zumba Workout – With this workout you can begin your mornings with a blast. Begin your day with this Bollywood Dance Workout from PopSugar Fitness that includes Bhangra moves as well. Sweat out, stay energised and positive throughout the day. Don’t worry about getting it right, just keep moving along!

Walk Workout – If you’re thinking you’ll need to dress up and head out for this workout, you’re wrong! This 10 minute walking workout from Jessica Smith can be done at home. This workout which includes alternate high intensity and low intensity moves is a perfect way to reach your daily step count goal.

Bodyweight Cardio Workout – If you love to workout and don’t have the time to hit the gym for some reason, this 10 minute workout from Joanna Soh is for you. This quick High Intensity workout that includes Burpees, Jump Squats, Mountain Climber and other intense exercises will soak you in sweat and help you burn fat, tone up and build muscle.

Bed Workout – Too lazy to get out of the bed? This 10 minute bed workout from ‘Self’ is for you.

Aerobic Workout – Looking for a kick-ass cardio workout to make your fat cry? Try this Ultimate 10 minute workout from Hasfit. If you’re a beginner, this workout will to be difficult. Challenge yourself to try this one!

Try a new home workout everyday and stay fit!